The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1)

The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1) - For me this is four stars because it doesn't follow the run-of-the-mill YA guidelines for writing a teen book. 1. The romance although predictable wasn't sappy or paper thin i.e. being in love for no reason. 2. Neither of the love birds was new to the town or school. They had in fact been friends for many years.3. Neither of the heroine's parents was dead or missing-in-action.4. The teen behaviour wasn't overly annoying, thank god.Yes, the romance took on more importance and had more page time than the plot but that's typical in most YA books. Plus Derting also attempts to confuse us as to who the killer is, and just as we think it's all over, it isn't. I did guess who/what the killer was by the end but I didn't mind. One thing I do mind though, is that this could happily remain a stand alone. There isn't a need for a sequel. I'm quite happy with how it ended. Please don't ruin a good thing.