The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Fast-paced, compelling and deliciously gory, BUT deus ex machina, predictability, repetitiveness, and lovey-dovey mushiness brought The Eternity Cure down. Honestly, Jackal is the main reason my rating isn't lower.Jackal is akin to Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries in that their pragmatism takes priority over their humanity "when he suspects he is on the losing end of a bargain" and their annoying yet charming personalities add a comedic element to proceedings; it's never dull when they're around. And yes, despite being a self-serving antogonist with flexible morals, I really like Jackal. If he'd dispense with his need to raise his own vampire army and evilly rule over the humans, I think he'd make an appropriate suitor for Allie. He certainly isn't afraid to call her on her bullshit:"And I'm getting a little tired of your holier-than-thou act, sister. You're not a saint. You're a demon. Own up to it."Elena's Allie's repetitive mantra about keeping her humanity, leashing Kanin's homicidal instincts and heeding Zeke's warnings grew tiresome. Zeke, in spite of being tougher than he was in [b:The Immortal Rules|10215349|The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)|Julie Kagawa||15114912] and able to kill if he has to, he's still a bleeding heart. Sometimes the only logical answer is to kill. Stick should've been killed. Pathetic though he is, he's too much of a danger to remain alive. The evolving romantic relationship between Allie and Zeke is admittedly standard illogical paranormal YA fare: 'Maybe I was being naive. Maybe I was being deliberately blind. Most likely I was being incredibly stupid and endangering his life.'Obviously I completely understand why Allie wants to hold on to Zeke: his humanity keeps hers in line and he fully accepts her for who and what she is, but not only that, finding someone with similar inclinations among the vampire population may prove difficult because vamps like Kanin seem to be an exception rather than the rule.'I was just aware of one thing: I could not lose him. Zeke had seen the monster at its worst and was still here. He dared to get close to the demon, knowing it still Hungered for him, craved his blood and his life, and he wasn't afraid. For the rest of my existence, if I lived to see the end of this world, there would never be another Ezekiel Crosse.'Perhaps this says more about Zeke than Allie. By cosying up to his natural predator he puts himself in the running for a Darwin Award, i.e. it's an incredibly stupid thing to do. Anyway, their alone time is cringe-worthy rather than sweet and romantic. This is definitely something that the author has to work on.Deus ex machina: Three characters in peril: Kanin, Zeke and Jackal had me admiring Kagawa's big brass balls to kill off one or all of these characters ... until they're all miraculously saved by Eden's experiments on Zeke saving both him and Kanin, and Sarran's uninfected blood stash for Kanin's crippling hole through the stomach. Compared to the debut, The Eternity Cure is all bark and no bite which is rather disappointing.And the end, I saw that coming miles away. I'm not sure if I've just inferred this but I'm pretty sure Zeke's a vamp now. After all of the talk of his remaining human and he should have a choice etc., it was inevitable. This, if true, will make Book 3 interesting, though I expect a Stefan-like (The Vampire Diaries) split-personality response. Despite my dissatisfaction with the final scenes, I look forward to seeing more of Jackal and Eden and its inhabitants as they respond to Sarren's threat.*My thanks to Harlequin for the eArc in return for an honest review.