Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott To all those that are ignorant of or don't care for their own safety: READ THIS BOOK!Surprisingly this is a teenage book, and I can see why. Descriptions are well...not descriptive, everything is left to the imagination. Acts are implied but not described in any detail. I expect teens these days will understand this book but I also feel it's a warning to them that paedophiles come in all shapes and sizes, that you'll never know who can be one. You may think that weird old guy across the street is one but really it could be anyone: young, old, fat, thin, gorgeous or ugly. Male or female. And their hook to reel you in could be anything, not just the cliched sweets/candy or puppies. Perhaps I've watched too much 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' because what shocked others didn't shock me. Of course, I raised an eyebrow or two here and there (I am still human after all) but what struck me the most was 1) the social commentary, 2) the psychology of the broken spirit, and 3) the psychopathy of the paedophile/kidnapper/murderer. The author brings attention to society's perception of the victims of abuse and of the way people will ignore the signs (claiming they're minding their own business) while spouting things like "Why didn't you say something? That's all it would've taken for someone to help you." Sort of a mixed message there if only certain people will be willing to take notice and then take action on your behalf. To help and not hinder.Alice2.0's thoughts and behaviours were shockingly real. That she would abuse/groom others, even young children, if it meant it would lessen her pain was completely understandable. Yes, it's despicable but in that situation can you honestly claim that you'd do any different?Overall, this is a horrific but thought-provoking tale of tragedy that acts as a warning to those that are unaware of the risks they take with their own safety and a reminder to watch out for others'.