13 to Life (13 to Life Series #1)

13 to Life - Shannon Delany Slow to start but what a finish! Holy cow! I bit my lip in angst as I was coming to the end, knowing I was going to be left wanting more, and I was bloody right! Ugh.The beginning started off very Vampire Kisses, and I worried it was gonna get ugly despite the high praise it's received by many all ready but thankfully it didn't descend into to dull, wishy washy YA drivel. It was smart and understanding albeit slightly confusing until the tidal wave of a big reveal, then all of those hints and comments made a whole lot more sense. Jessica is a good person, so good it hurts her. She's a saint-turned-martyr as Amy says. I loved my namesake. She was forthright and didn't hesitate to rip right into her BFF to get her to see the truth of things concerning Sarah and Sarah's struggle to remain new-kind-Sarah who's slipping back into pre-amnesia-old-and-very-mean-Sarah. Once you learn of Pietr's real situation you can't help but sympathise with him. His actions take on a whole new meaning when you realise what he's facing. The question "what's next?" is hanging over the heads of the characters, most of whom have suffered through so much. Jessica and her family (especially her father) are the ones I'm worried about. Jessica has so many reasons to feel guilty, I just know she's going to be beating herself her up over her actions.I don't know too much about this series but it has the feel of a trilogy about it, one that I eager to continue.