The Sevenfold Spell (Accidental Enchantments)

The Sevenfold Spell - Tia Nevitt The Sevenfold Spell is an original but very adult take on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. It may seem a bit confusing at first but everything is explained and revealed as you go. Although this is a "re-telling" it still fits within the constraints of what makes a "fairy tale". This is not a novel or a full length story so please don't judge it as one. I will warn that this book contains a lot of sex but it doesn't diminish the story. It's part of the tragedy that is Talia's life. I couldn't help but think of her as the Ugly Duckling even though this wasn't based on that story. I constantly felt sympathy for her situation and her loneliness. I'm pleased to say that this book was as good as it's beautiful cover. I loved the twists on the original story and the way the tale ends with the usual but much deserved happily ever after.