Losing Lila

Losing Lila - Sarah Alderson What a crummy sequel. I wish I'd never read it in order to keep the favorable memory of Hunting Lila alive. Losing (my will to live) Lila is the complete opposite of the debut: slow, angst-ridden, typical YA drivel revolving around misunderstandings between love interests. Unfortunately the book was so focused on this that it didn't have enough page-time devoted to its plot so we never get to meet Lila's mother, the person they were so intent on rescuing, along with Jack, Lila's brother. We also don't get to witness Jack finding out an important truth, or the villain of the piece get his comeuppence as he escapes to live, breathe and plot another day. Talk about loose ends. Totally unsatisfying.Speaking of unsatisfying, sex shouldn't have been an issue and yet Alex spouts, "I'm just trying to protect your honour." Lame excuse, buddy. They'd known each other for years, she's almost 18, there's a time when they're in one of the most beautiful places on earth and either of them could die at any minute. It was legal in Mexico, the perfect moment was there for the taking and Alex blew it. Why mention sex at all if you're going to give Alex a lame excuse to abstain? Lila's obsession with Alex's resolve got old real fast. It's not often I think sex between YA characters is a good idea (mostly because they're usually incompatible strangers) but it was very appropriate and expected here. Alex wasn't a psycho stalker and Lila wasn't a girl about to be taken advantage of. It was all remarkably healthy. I wish there'd been more attention on other characters like Amber, Demos and Thomas, even Lila's dad. More character history or perhaps their POVs would've been most welcome. Thankfully Lila is a duology so I don't need to agonise about whether to read the next one.