The Fallen and Leviathan (Fallen (Simon Paperback))

The Fallen and Leviathan - Thomas E. Sniegoski The first book, The Fallen had potential with a good idea but the characters were transparent, they were so thin. We were never with the characters long enough to truly care about them so that when they died I felt nothing and wondered why it took so long for Aaron to get angry about this when generally he was short-tempered anyway. And why did it take him so long to embrace what came with his anger, his angel heritage, his power which could've saved them? Verchiel as an adversary was so blind to his own madness it was comical at first until it became inexcusably pathetic. He knew what he was doing was his will, not God's and yet he continued with every goal he tried to achieve only hastening his own failure. Could he not get a clue from that alone that God was unhappy with him? Plus, I don't understand how his blasphemous actions: hunting, torturing and killing innocents in the name of God -haven't seen him lose his wings (literally and figuratively). All he received was a lousy lightning strike which may have cooked his ass but didn't kill him. I don't get it. Please let me in on that piece of reasoning. Others have Fallen for a lot less.Aaron's yellow Labrador companion, Gabriel was mildly amusing and it would've been nice to see more of Zeke (Camael was a poor substitute in my opinion -very wooden) but the budding attraction between Aaron and Vilma although forced was also sort of sweet and realistic at the same time. However, the language created a very slow pace so that there was no immediacy to any of the action. 2 stars.The second book, Leviathan was meaningless trash. B-movie stuff which reminded me of old movies like The Blob or a weird non-episode of The X-Files. I skimmed my way to freedom. There was no way I could read every word without my brain exploding in revolt. 1 star.I doubt this book will charm the Hush, Hush crowd though it might snag the interest of young boys of about 10 who are easy to please with monsters and fire and swords, oh my.I give up. I'm tired now having stayed up most of the night to finish this rubbish and feel I'm turning into a vindictive b*tch so I'm going to stop writing now.