Bayou Moon (Edge Series #2)

Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews So good. Much better than On the Edge. I really liked the length, it almost felt like two books in one. I loved William and his struggles with his wolf, the Rending and his attempts in understanding what is acceptable behaviour and what's seen as "normal". He's a tortured soul who's never been treated well or even with respect but he always does his best to respect others unless they don't deserve it. Cerise has also had a hard time of it, with her responsibility for her family, her warrior-like disposition and bad luck with men. She was hilarious as the Hobo Queen but as Cerise, head of the family, she's a very sympathetic character. I liked the acceptance of violence done by each other between Cerise and William. I'm smiling just thinking of the way Cerise was saying how good Lord Bill had been about keeping it all in (when he was experiencing the Rending) to Richard and he was looking at them both like they were crazy.I also loved Kaldar. When he stepped on that mine I thought he was a goner. That magic betting trick rocks! He was funny but I liked him all the more after his conversation with Richard about Cerise taking on all that responsibility. I look forward to reading more about this charismatic swindler in his book which comes next.The little tĂȘte-a-tĂȘte with Cerise and Rose -who's got the most screwed up family? Jack vs. Lark (I hope we get to see more of Jack & Lark -love them both, I could see them getting together in the future). Of course in the end, Cerise would win with all her other kooky family members. Although we never found out which members lived to the end, we're just told about 15 made it, not who, which I was sad about. I came to love Cerise's family -a very tight-knit but loving clan. The ending was quite rushed and finished abruptly. I wanted more.There were a few classic PNR characteristics in this one. For instance, when William found out how rich he was when all along he believed he had no money but I just rolled my eyes and moved on because generally this is still a very unique and original story. 4.5 stars.