The Mane Event (Pride, #1)

The Mane Event (Pride, #1) - Shelly Laurenston Christmas Pride ~ 3.5 starsAs teenagers they were best friends until Des moved away and was never heard from again. Twenty years later, Mace and Des are older and wiser, and when they meet again after Mace's return from his stint in the Navy and he encounters her trying to arrest his sister for murder, all those old feelings return in full force. Des is a fiercely independent (human) woman who refused to be tied to Mace. I had this image of him in lion-form, king of the jungle chasing down his prey and beating her into submission. Not one of my favourite of Laurenston's stories but still entertaining. I especially loved the "omega" tattoo, LOL!Shaw's Trail ~ 5 starsContinuing on from Christmas Pride, Shaw wakes in the hospital to that intoxicating smell of the woman he encountered just before he passed out from his injuries. His state is such that he succumbs to what the shifters call the "fever", something that temporarily scrambles the brain but kicks lust into high gear. He practically pounces on this poor woman, who is unfortunately a wolf. Those female lions are not going to be happy to let go of one of their breeding males to a dog...This one was hilarious. Oh the things the characters get up to in this. Laurenston has a great imagination when it comes to making you laugh. Just imagine seeing a lion trot down the street and then start dancing to Xmas music. And that's only the beginning!