Sleeping With the Wolf (After The Crash, Book 1)

Sleeping With the Wolf (After The Crash, Book 1) - Maddy Barone *round of applause* More! More! Where's the sequel? Damn. There isn't one yet. I'm a little disappointed. I was all ready to do business with that horrible "one-click" button.We have Carla, a rising musician catapulted 50 years (via a plane crash) into a post-apocalyptic future where women are so scarce they're looked upon with curiosity and lust everywhere they go. Women stealers are everywhere and rape is a near certainty if they walk around unprotected. In the aftermath of the crash, Carla and Lisa volunteer to find aid for the wounded survivors. They're tricked and sold into a Bride Fight where men fight for the women to become their brides. The women have no say in the matter. These two get lucky. Their winning males are gentle with them. Carla gets Taye, a hot Native American Alpha werewolf for a mate, who's read many romance novels to ensure he can seduce and please his woman! Lisa, a blond but jealous sex god.Taye is tender and gentle with Carla, his Lupa. As is his pack. He wants her to be happy so he acquires the most thoughtful presents for her but Carla doesn't give in easily:"Fire!" She jerked her hand away from him. "Gotta put the fire out...I mean, put wood on the fire!" She squirmed out from under him, fell out of bed in a sprawl of flailing limbs, and scrambled up to lunge for the small woodpile under the window. She blindly tossed some in to the stove and fled to the bathroom.But when she does. It's not only hot but hilarious. Taye has never seen or touched a naked woman before, and he's mesmerised. He innocently announces the anatomical names of her lady parts as he sees and touches them. Not only that but he insists on a step-by-step seduction process, right out of the romance novels he's studied. A verrry loooong process. He tortures poor Carla. But I can't feel too sorry for her because she gets what she wants in the end. ;)I'm pleasantly surprised I liked this so much. Usually a short-ish story + debut novel + first in series + paranormal romance = one crappy book. Not so! I love the premise, the characters have solid personalities and the writing was spot on. The world-building was expertly done. It had a slightly cheesy ending but that's all the bad there is. I enjoyed this immensely.I'm desperate to find out what happened with the other survivors. How Stag will fare with his mate Sherry who's too scared of his wolf to even begin to consider him as her husband. How Shadow is going to get a very depressed Glory, grieving for the life she's now realised is lost to her, to love him again. And most importantly of all, the outcome of the indication that Quill is interested in Ellie as his mate. So, Ms. Barone. Where's my sequel?