The Gathering: Darkness Rising: Book 01

The Gathering  - Kelley Armstrong Well written but I think my sheer impatience with the set-up got to me. References to Samuel Lyle (Darkest Powers trilogy) and the Nasts, Cortezes and St Clouds (Women of the Otherworld) were very welcome as I'm anxious to see characters from all the books connect but I'm seeing similarities with these other works too. Maya reminds me of Elena (WotO) in personality and ability but the people around her made me think of Chloe's crowd. Daniel is Chloe's Maya's best friend and she wants to keep it that way so no kissy-wissy despite being attractive to every girl except her. Apparently. I'm not so sure. And Rafe is her Derek (though he may actually be Clay to her Elena), an outsider/outcast who's struggling to care for his brother sister, Annie.I loved Maya's parents. They were good people and genuinely loved and cared for their adopted daughter. Parents are rarely seen or heard in YA these days or if they're around they're neglectful of their duties, clueless about their children and their actions. Maya has close relationships with them and I chuckled every time she (lovingly) teased her father mercilessly. Her directness was embarrassing!My impatience came into play when everything is blatantly obvious to us readers but we're waiting for the characters to catch on or impart important information to these poor clueless kids. They don't realise that what they're joking around about is actually real and true because to them it's too far-fetched. I feel like I'm 100 steps ahead of them and my foot's itching to kick them to motivate them to catch up.Intellectually I know this is just a slow build up, establishing Maya's world so we can understand how devastating it'll be for her and her friends when it all falls apart but just...HURRY UP! That cliffhanger, I knew it was coming but it still burns. If I had the next instalment I would be reading it right now instead of writing this so I enjoyed the book well enough.However, I didn't particularly take to Rafe. Perhaps I was reading too much into the whole love triangle thing of the last trilogy but I was hoping Daniel would take Maya's dad's offer of the truck and marry Maya. He's far more likeable than Rafe and I got the impression he might be interested in dating Maya but as I said before, I might be reading too much into his actions.I have many questions about what will happen next. How many of the kids were taken, if any? Did Annie make it out and will we see her again? How is everything going to explained? Who will get what explanation? It's going to be tough to come up with a cover story about the way the fire spread and the strange people with guns pretending to be rescue workers but I think it will be entertaining to see "them" try.On a sidenote: the tactile quality of my UK edition is very high. Smooth, soft cover, paper and page edges. Definitely not a cheap mass market paperback._________________________________________________First 90 pages now available here: