Scent of Darkness (Darkness Chosen Series #1)

Scent of Darkness - Christina Dodd Scent of Darkness danced around the line between seduction and rape but I've decided to call it seduction in the end but only just. Besides Jasha gets slapped around for this later as the heroine tries to explain that it wasn't like that. Hmmm. But anyway despite this, it was well-written, the plot was interesting, the villains were...not very bright, died quickly and were too few though this was explained away so I'll forgive that but on the plus side the characters all had distinct personalities. Even Ann Smith, who before her radical transformation seemed as boring and plain as her name though her birthmark certainly sets her above everyone else, making her the perfect bait. That plus her perceptive yet innocent nature and acute business mind placed her as perfect as Jasha's mate, and it's in his best interest to keep her happy considering she was practically running his business.However, my absolute favourite character was the the patriarch of the family, Konstantine. He was an immensely interesting and hearty character. I only wish there was a book on him and his wife, Zorana so we could see what made him turn away from dark despicable deeds to kidnap a sixteen year old girl, marry her and escape the Russian compound to make a new life in America. Come on, there's definitely a story there, and I want to read it.And here's the downside: I'm not particularly interested in any of Jasha's siblings' stories except of course Adrik's -the one character that didn't make an appearance but is marked as an outcast for his decision to turn back to the "old" ways aka raping, killing and robbing his way through life. A life to do the devil (and the pact) proud. Dodd tries to intrigue me with Firebird's situation, the 4th non-existent son and Rurik's disappearance but I just can't seem to care. What next for this series: well for me, I may step over the next book to get to Adrik's but other than that I can't guarantee anything.