Last Dragon Standing

Last Dragon Standing - G. A. Aiken Despite this being Keita and Ragnar's book they weren't in it too much which is probably done on purpose as there's only so much self-absorbed arrogance one can take. Besides, there was plenty of politics, intrigue and action to keep you busy.I loved the wonderful sense of family in this. How Morfyd and Keita will fight like cats and dogs but woe betide anyone who tries to hurt either sister.The terrible toddler twins and baby Rhianwen -aww. Their unusual and protective bond with one another is so sweet. Rhianwen finally smiling. Annwyl's daughter taking after her mother and her son after Gwenvael (LMAO!), and Briec's perfect, perfect daughter. Feargus loving his daughter more than his son and Annwyl vice, versa.√Čibhear and Izzy. :( They need to get their act together! Only one more book, plus a few months, between me and their HEA.Some of my favourite quotes:'She looks to need nourishment. Unleash your breasts for her." "Stop saying that!"''Talan crawled into Keita's lap after he finished eating, buried his face against her bodice-covered breastsm and dropped right off to sleep. At that point, everyone-even Ragnar-looked at Gwenvael, who quickly denied any involvement, "It wasn't me! I didn't teach him that.""He's your son, wench." He pulled his daughter to him. "She's mine." "You can have her." "Fine!" "Fine!"