Wild Cat (Shifters Unbound Series #3)

Wild Cat -  Jennifer Ashley 2 stars, barely. What the hell happened? This isn't what I've come to expect from this author at all. Excruciatingly slow and boring at times, just begging me to DNF. I was ready for the book to end halfway through.I didn't buy the romance. The writing concerning Diego was stilted. I couldn't care less about him. Eric and Iona's chocolate scene held more passion and intrigue than Diego and Cassidy's. Reid and Peigi's as well as Xavier and Lyndsay's pairing also drew more interest from me than this book's main couple. Wild Cat seemed drawn out to fill pages. The plot was contingent on compassion and forgiveness towards those that kill the ones you love which wasn't written in a way I could accept and believe. I'd need to feel more than a little pity to let a murderer who'd likely kill again, go free. They got seriously lucky on that score.I'm hoping Eric and Iona's story in Mate Claimed will be more enjoyable.