A Perfect Darkness

A Perfect Darkness - Jaime Rush If you've read Feehan's Ghostwalkers series then you're probably familiar with this kind of storyline. The major differences being that these experimental subjects are unaware of the project that produced them, they're younger and without military training so all of the action feels very realistic, doing things that you or I would in their situations. Events felt rushed. I'm not into sex before attraction and that's what we get. Sex, albeit in a dream is in the first 50 pages, and as far as Amy knows she's never met Lucas in real life. Her need and attraction only comes from those dreams and yet she trusts Lucas more in the 5 minutes she spent with him than the man she's known all her life. I'm sorry but I had problems believing that. And the bomb shelter -I don't know about that either. It was too convenient. As was the healing ability to give us the requisite happy ending.One thing I found a bit odd: Lucas never considered taking out his captors in the same way he was being forced to snuff out their targets. A couple of strategic disposals and he might've been able to escape, especially when he knew Amy was safe with Eric and Petra.I'll admit sharing my name with the protagonist was a bit strange. This has never happened before. Amys are usually secondary characters. Kind of felt like people were speaking to me rather than addressing her. We do share some qualities but we're completely different people. ;)2.5 stars.