The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane)

The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells Frustrated. I think that word sums up how both I and Sabina feel. Sabina's frustrated sexually, with her inability to pick up magic faster, with her sister and her innocent, new-age wishy washy ways, the council's inability to decide if it's going to war, their slow progress on who's trying to kill her...and so on, and so forth. It's both exhausting and boring. I was constantly looking for the fast-paced action and the original story of vampire culture described in the great debut. I found little to interest me in the mage side of Sabina's heritage. Mage cultural traditions were to a pragmatist like me, unnecessary "voodoo" crap like homeopathy (which is just water by the way) -neither I nor Sabina were buying it and couldn't respect those that did. Therefore, Slade was refreshing and I completely understood Sabina's actions concerning him. Masie, Sabina's sister, annoyed me so much that I was hoping she was the mysterious villain conspiring to put an end to her sister's life, instead of the more obvious person that it was. Masie seemed more like a pacifist despite campaigning for war against the vampires, in comparison Rhea showed more courage and backbone. Anyway, I've heard this is a trilogy and with the great ending as a set-up, the last book should be explosive! I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation.