The Mane Squeeze (Pride Stories Series #4)

The Mane Squeeze - Shelly Laurenston Bears! My first bear shifter book and what an impression it made! He may not be an alpha male but Lock's very size (6ft 11 3/4inch human and 10ft bear) and demeanour means he can pretty much do whatever he wants as evidenced by his treatment of the "kittens" Mitch and Brendon, sometimes forgetting he was still dragging them like battered ragdolls in his hands. He was very entertained by these two playthings, much to their chagrin...and need for a hospital afterwards. -LMAO!Lock's bear nature was so sweet and adorable, riveted by the simplest of pleasures -playing with his toes and eating anything honey but woe betide anyone who threatens someone he loves, my god the boar rage -yikes! Oh and never startle a bear, never, that's if you want to keep your head on your shoulders. His father's notoriously fierce curiosity was hilarious, even his toddler niece was aware of it. His mother's protectiveness -woah! Mitch forgot one of the major rules of dealing with bears -never get between a mama bear and her cubs. Whoops.Gwen is a mixed breed as a tigon, a tiger/lion mix which has unfortunately meant that she's received much racism, both verbal and physical. She's overwhelmed and embarrassed by her mother and feels claustrophobic by her brother Mitch's protectiveness. She's beautiful but not high maintenance. She's a qualified plumber and an experienced beautician, well she had to be with her mother owning her own hair salon. She also has a homicidal streak she tries to hide but comes out when her BFF Blayne is injured in a strange and dangerous game, that only Lock can deal with (she can't get around his size, thank goodness).I completely agreed with her when she realised what Lock's bear lips and other appendages could do when she said "Marry me" -LOL! I also found it very sweet the way she was reassuring Lock the perfectionist about his art, creating one-of-a-kind furniture out of wood. And the prices she negotiated for them -bloody hell! I bet every writer would want her for an agent! I absolutely loved the story, adored the characters (yay for seeing Niles Van Holtz again), the abundance of laughs and the growing community we've got going and even the family feuds. It all made me very happy.DeeAnne -What a relief...because I wasn't sure...Anyway, I can't wait to read her book now. And remember: Conditioner -it's your friend. Nair, is not.