The Mane Attraction (Pride Stories Series #3)

The Mane Attraction - Shelly Laurenston These books should be marketed as anti-depressants. Seriously. It should be on the list of treatments:--> Medication--> Counselling--> Cognitive Behavioural Therapy--> Reading books by Shelly LaurenstonShe is a PMS-Demon Slayer. Fighting the good fight for woman-kind. (May also treat male PMS too. Sex, with fast cars, how can they not like it?)This woman knows how to instantly put you at ease and have you laughing your head off consistently throughout. And after you've finished, you'll find yourself still chuckling over the antics of her colourful characters.Although Sissy Mae isn't one of my favourite leads, I loved her friendship with Mitch, which turned friends-with-benefits to lovers-for-life-with-a-shared-sex-addiction. If only I could find a man like that. Sigh.I love the strong sense of family and community in these books, closing ranks and turning on the enemy outsiders even when you don't get along with the ones you're protecting. The characters have strong personalities linked to their animal and the women are...uh...evil. Even the men are scared and rightly so. They are Crazy. Never, ever get on their bad side. Ever!The stories may be predictable but they are always entertaining.Words that will forever trigger laughing fits related to this book: crocodile, tug-of-war, wedgies and NASCAR. I'm now sporting a huge grin.