Spider's Revenge (Elemental Assassin, #5)

Spider's Revenge (Elemental Assassin, #5) - Jennifer Estep A novella's worth of content in a full-length novel. What was done with the rest of the pages, I hear you ask? Were they blank? I would've preferred them to be.My name is Gin Blanco...I know! I've been reading about your life for four books now....and I'm an assassinYes, you're a hitwoman, we know this, can we get on with the killin' now?This is Finn. He's my foster brother.I do have a memory, no matter how dysfunctional it sometimes is, it's never THAT bad.And this is Bria...You can see where I'm going with this, can't you? Every character is reintroduced to us along with their backstory and history with Gin. Lots and lots of repetition. And yet more repetition. Ironically, eye colour-love, the most repeated thing in the first few books was toned down. Character histories aside, the plot is a wash, rinse and repeat too. 1) Gin gets in a bind.2) It gets worse.3) Her friends rally round to do anything to keep her alive because they've all benefited from Gin's talents in the past.4) Gin gets in huge fight which she barely survives.5) Jo-jo heals her.6) Some happy stuff happens then we learn of what Gin plans to do next. The End.The trouble with #6 concerning this book: the drawn-out story arc is now complete. Am I willing to stick around for another? I'm not sure. One positive about this one, it was skim-city so it took only a couple of hours to read. On the other hand, I shelled out hard cash for the privilege. Venom and Tangled Threads were good reads. I like the characters, the way elemental magic is used, the pretty gory fight scenes and Gin's unapologetic violent ways but based on the pros and cons, By a Thread is likely to go unread unless I see some stellar reviews.