The Dark Divine (Dark Divine Series #1)

The Dark Divine (Dark Divine Series #1) - The Dark Divine is an engrossing and engaging story which keeps you guessing as to who the "monsters" are. I say "monsters" plural because it refers not just to the unknown criminal on the loose, the label also applies to those hiding the monster within behind nice-person fa├žades, whether they can shift physically into one or not.The goody-goody pastor's family falling apart was portrayed well. In fact, their demise was probably one reason why I could read this from start to finish. I'm not a fan of religion and tend to stay away from anything that even hints at it but even though there are some religious references they didn't bother me too much.However, I did begin to cringe at Grace's words more and more as the story progressed. I loved her interactions with Daniel but she was so naive and optimistic at inappropriate moments, most likely due to her incredibly sheltered lifestyle. Her talk of heroes made me shudder, since when do we believe heroes exist outside of comic books and movies?I did figure out who the monster was before Grace did but only because that person was conspicuously absent every time an incident occurred. The ending didn't particularly thrill me though the action was good so I'm unsure of whether I'll be reading the sequel.