Beauty and the Beast - Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont A classic French 18th century version (it's not the original) of the fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourites ever since I saw the Disney movie as a child. Classic versions and reworking alike are stories I want to read. This has to be one of the better versions I've read, which goes into more detail than most. I loved the sisters' punishment!Favourite QuotesThe definition of a monster"Yes, yes, (said the Beast,) my heart is good, but still I am a monster.""Among mankind, (says Beauty,) there are many that deserve that name more than you, and I prefer you, just as you are, to those, who, under a human form, hide a treacherous, corrupt, and ungrateful heart."On the kindness of sisters"In what is this little creature better than us, that she should be so much happier?""Sister, (said the eldest,) a thought has just strikes my mind; let us endeavour to detain her above a week, and perhaps the silly monster will be so enraged at her for breaking her word, that he will devour her.""Right, sister, (answered the other,) therefore we must show her as much kindness as possible."On the qualities of a perfect husband"Why did I refuse him? I should be happier with the monster than my sisters are with their husbands; it is neither wit nor a fine person in a husband, that makes a woman happy; but virtue, sweetness of temper, and complaisance, and Beast has all these valuable qualifications. It is true, I do no feel the tenderness of affection for him, but I find I have the highest gratitude, esteem, and friendship; and I will not make him miserable; were I to be so ungrateful, I should never forgive myself."You get what you deserve"Beauty. (said this lady,) come and receive the reward of your judicious choice; you have preferred virtue over wit or beauty, and deserve to find a person in whom all these qualifications are united: you are going to be a great Queen; I hope the throne will not lessen your virtue, or make you forget yourself."Is it possible to change a leopard's spots?"Pride, anger, gluttony, and idleness, are sometimes conquered, but the conversion of a malicious and envious mind is a kind of miracle."