Lavender Vows (The Medieval Herb Garden, #1) - Colleen Gleason "But mayhap you are too beautiful and aught should be done to remove that temptation from his sight."The abuse. I felt so sorry for Joanna, suffering the barbaric brutality of her husband. Bernard's abject horror and ferocious rage at her wounds and bruises and his gentle giant nature soothed, contrasting with Ralf's despicable cruelty and her father's indifference to his daughter's pain."One with my strength has no need to prove his power at the expense of a weaker one. Nor should any man need have that urge."Lady Maris is an independent, ballsy woman refusing to marry having no need of a man when she is willing and able to do everything a man can. Seeing how bold she is, offering her fellow woman her skills and help, and then looking at Joanna's spirit -she's Maris beaten down by fear. It will be entertaining to see Maris meet her match.This is a strong short story. I only wish Joanna and Bernard had snatched a few more moments together before the finale.