Connecting Flight - Jordan Castillo Price Bow-chicka-wow-wow. They got it on! Scully gave Mulder a blowjob. :DIn this installment we discover the consequences of the unsupervised actions of the autopilot versions of Paul and Dallas in Bermuda before their bodies/psyches were reintegrated, making for hilarious reading. I can say 'hilarious' since it turned out all right in the end. Dallas and Paul are so sweet together. The former worrying over his subconscious greed, the latter trying to figure out if they'd hooked up, and them both obsessing over each other.You know, I had to up the star rating on the last one to 5 stars because it was so awesome. I find it so hard to discern "I love it, I love it!" and "I love it!", a frequent problem I have with books by JCP.Previous installments:Review of Turbulence #1: Into the Bermuda TriangleReview of Turbulence #2: Autopilot EngagedReview of Turbulence #3: Red-Eye Dawn