F814 - Eve Langlais F814's past is extremely well-written. The 5-star torture scenes are eerily reminiscent of Captain Jean Luc Picard's "There are four lights!" (YouTube), though Langlais's scenes are infinitely more horrific.I'm pleased to say Solus is kind and and considerate of F814's past and her fears. He never crossed the line and F814's behaviour and decisions were understandable and felt fairly realistic. She's unknowingly tough. Her ignorance regarding her past, her identity and her extreme fear of things like showers, is extremely sad although her innocence creates that instinctual need to care for and protect her. The only downside is some cheesy writing and a handful of odd extraneous words which appear next to those of similar spelling, if not meaning. There's-nothing-better-than-a-good-fight Aramus is Jayne from Firefly and Serenity, and I suspect his book will be next. And then perhaps the deceptively harmless and human-like Seth's.