Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh Nalini Singh is an infuriating, genius of a woman. She is the master of creating and sustaining political intrigue and frustrating mysteries, all the while skillfully conducting the actions of a small army of entertaining characters. She tantalizes and titillates the brains of her readers, challenging us to spot important information, to guess at what will happen next, manipulating our senses and emotions. There are many questions we're all asking, the main one being: Who is the Ghost? In this book, Kaleb becomes the more likely candidate by revealing his true power and skill during an emergency rescue mission but I believe him to be a red herring, although I am interested in what his real endgame is. Despite Vasic's weary, defeated outlook his conscience also rules him out. I want to know more about Zaid Adelaja and whether he could be alive. He was the first Arrow, the son of the "father" of the Silence protocol, and someone important to Alice -he could be the Ghost. The Ghost handed Alice over to Judd and SnowDancer for safe-keeping. It could be him. I'm extremely disappointed in Ming's pathetic plan to snare Sienna. He's supposed to be the ultimate and supreme strategist. Instead of trying to seduce her with reason alone he should've incapacitated her, implanted the control chip, force her to divulge her secrets and turn her into the weapon that would destroy her friends and mate. What an idiot. I look forward to his death. I wasn't as interested in the romantic coupling as I thought I'd be. Adria certainly deserved happiness after Martin and Riaz had a unique hurdle to overcome but it was Adria who was unexpectedly the one required to break down and take that leap of faith. The elderly human couple was so sweet an example of a relationship without a mate bond being just as devoted and loving as a couple could be. My favourite quote can be applied to many situations within this book:"Some things need to broken to become stronger." ~The GhostBonds, alliances and information networks have expanded and tightened. The civil war has begun. The Psy are on the brink self-destruction. Will Silence perish? And will the Net go with it? So many possible outcomes. I can't wait to find out what will happen.Who is going to have the next book? At first I thought it would be Amara, then Vasic, and then Kaleb finds the object of his long search...Who is she? Faith's cousin, Sahara, who went missing 9 years ago, perhaps? So many mysteries. Evidently, this series still has life in it because this is book 11 and I'm not tired of it yet.