Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound, #2.5) - Jennifer Ashley Meet Olaf. He's a cute, traumatised 9-year-old polar bear cub struggling to master English, his second language. His past is so sad it brought out my maternal instincts, especially when he was too scared to sleep alone. And he's not the only vulnerable character in Ronan's informal foster home for abused bears. There are three others. Ronan's Papa Bear act is surprisingly sweet. He's a gentle giant who works as a bouncer, exuding a fierce and dangerous demeanor as a bulky 7ft shifter. His gentle treatment of Scott, who's in the midst of transition (shifter puberty) is a violently erratic mess, is heart-melting. Goldilocks Elizabeth isn't unaffected by this. She's an ex-resident of foster homes herself and knows just how bad they can be but the love she feels in Ronan's home encourages her trust of him. Understandably, due to her childhood and romantic past trusting someone is something she never wants to do again.The romance didn't do it for me but the foster home deal did. I was disappointed that not all of the abused bears' stories were told in enough detail to satisfy my curiosity. I was hungry for more information on their histories, the resulting effects and how they'd grown since coming under Ronan's care. I even wanted more Olaf despite him getting the most page time.I recommend all Shifter Unbound fans read this novella because it fills in some informational gaps on, for example, transition and shifter-human cubs, with a brief introduction to Kim and Liam's 3-month-old baby, Katriona Sinead Niamh Morrissey.Favourite Quote'Elizabeth brought her hand up, aimed the can of pepper spray at his face, and gave him a full dose. The bear blinked, drew back, blinked again, sat down on his hind legs, and rocked his head all the way back. Then sneezed.The noise exploded into the room like a sonic boom, vibrating papers on the desk and rattling the Victorian prints on the wall in their prim and proper frames.'