Can I Just Ask? - Christian Jessen ***Available in UK Kindle Spring Sale 2012 until April 12th(prices may also be low on the same books in the US store)***Worried about an embarrassing ailment you're too scared to have checked out? Still believe sugar makes your kids hyperactive? Did you know women have prostates? Fascinating and informative. Everyone should have a copy of this book for reference but I think it would be particularly helpful to teenagers to put them at ease about their body issues and any worries they may be too embarrassed to ask a doctor. Then again, the same can go for adults. Anything to save red faces and awkward moments.Written in an easy to read and digest "question and answer" format by the doctor who fronts the British TV show 'Supersize Vs Superskinny' in an effort to stop the torrent of questions he's asked while off-duty Can I Just Ask? covers a wide variety of conditions, concerns and even debunks a few myths along the way in the following sections:General HealthWomen's HealthMen's HealthChildren's HealthThe Human BodySkin, Hair & NailsBowels & BottomsDiet & FitnessMedicine & DrugsTravel HealthSex*Contraception, Fertility & HormonesPregnancy & BabiesOdditiesplus a nice little Index *covers a few things that Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex missed.The advice given is general, sometimes refers to medical studies and always, always encourages you to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway i.e. seek additional assistance from professionals to ensure you stay healthy. Men, you need to grow a goddamn pair of balls and get your asses to a doctor! There are some stark and frightening statistics concerning male health and death rates. Which would you rather be? Worried and dead or embarrassed and alive? Suck it up, people!Although some of the statistics do refer to the UK this is only a tiny proportion of the book, the rest is globally accessible and has something for everyone. Even if you're 100% healthy with no worries or concerns there's the Oddities section, the top 10 lists and the "Did you know.." factoids for you to raise your eyebrows at and learn from.One of the most depressing things I read that other women might sympathise with is that:Men lose weight more easily than women.Another reason to hate men. Bastards.Where's the ice cream?On the plus side, British women have the biggest breasts in Europe, Italians the smallest. Yes! At least we're winning at something. Most Brits have D cups but, in general, those that get surgical enlargements are more likely to commit suicide.Mythology has given its names to some interesting disorders: priapism, nymphomania, satyriasis, berserkers, wendigo psychosis, etc. Suicides are not more common at Christmas time. Clones still have unique fingerprints. Aspects of everyday foods can be poisonous. Some people aredeathly allergic to exercise. Coconut water is the real 'water of life'. Eating poppy seeds or using mouthwash can result in a failed drugs test. Men have g-spots. Staring at a woman's breasts can improve a man's health and add years to his life (I question the veracity of that study). There's a sneezing condition called ACHOO -you can't make that crap up! Medical rarities like Synaesthesia, Chimerism and Zoosadism-that shit is sick! And marvels like the immortal cells from Henrietta Lacks. All included in this little book. Intrigued yet?I can count on one hand how many non-fiction books I've devoured in a matter of hours. It's also the second most highlighted book on my Kindle. (The first is A Game of Thrones, if you're interested.) The only minor negative was a little repetition but the second time a topic was mentioned it usually went into more detail or looked at the subject from a different angle so I can't really complain.Educational and entertaining. Highly recommended for all.