Kitty's Greatest Hits - Carrie Vaughn The best stories were: "A Princess of Spain" -a vampiric twist to Catherine of Aragon's marriage to the sickly Prince Arthur."Conquistador de la Noche" -the tale of how Rick from the Kitty series became a vampire in the 1500s."The Book of Daniel" -a shapeshifting twist on the biblical story of Daniel being thrown to the lions."Looking After Family" -about what happened to Cormac from the Kitty series after he killed the thing that murdered his father when he went to live with his cousin Ben and his parents. "Kitty's Zombie New Year" -a unique take on zombies which is more about the loss of free will and the result of severe brain damage than the living dead.I couldn't force myself to read TJ's story "Wild Ride" of how he learns he's contracted HIV and his decision to become a werewolf because just revisiting him would be just too sad. Nor could I read "Long Time Waiting" about Cormac's prison time and how he came to share his body with a female Victorian spirit because I really dislike this new aspect of the Kitty series.