Brightly Woven - Alexandra Bracken A sweet story, a good plot and a breeze to read however, the world isn't quite detailed enough and the romance lacks chemistry; the characters just sort of fell into a relationship without any of the excitement of the first flush of love. I didn't feel many strong emotions while reading, don't get me wrong, it's a decent, cute story but it's not I-must-read-this-now gripping nor is the world and its cultures vividly described; few differences are noted and my senses didn't ache to experience any of the towns, cities or countries Sydelle (I love her name btw, Sydelle Mirabil) visited. I was also surprised to learn that this appears to be a stand alone, a good thing usually, but since not quite everything is resolved and others were a little too easily wrapped up, I hoped for more.3.5 stars.Favourite QuotesThis one reminds me of Mulan."You know, lad," Owain said, snapping the reins, "finding girls as brave as dragons and sweet as flowers ain't so easy anymore. I thought Vesta [his horse, LOL!] was the last of them. Clever, generous-" "Stubborn, frustrating," North finished. "Ah, then, a perfect match," Owain laughed. "She's the only one I've ever seen kick that sorry bottom of yours straight. Promise me you're not going to let her slip away."“I don’t do well without you,” North said. “Who I was before – I never want to be that person again. But I told you when I took you away from here that when everything was over, it would be your choice. You would get to choose where you wanted to go and who you wanted to be.” There was a pleading look in his eyes. In that moment, he looked as if I had stripped him of his cloak and magic. I could knock him back into that darkness with a single blow.