Storming the Castle - Eloisa James Far, far better than A Kiss at Midnight however, it is hampered by it's shorter length which is a shame because the charming Wick deserved more as the ending was uncomfortably fast and abrupt. I was appalled at Rodney's treatment of Phillipa, the chemistry between her and Wick was palpable, and I laughed and reveled in the adorable cuteness of the characters and situations. This novella has given me hope that When Beauty Tamed the Beast will be even better than the disappointing first book.3.5 stars.Favourite Quotes'There was something about Miss Damson that made even a man with wet breeches hungry. Lustful.'"Princesses swan about in satin-lined carriages. What's more, everyone knows that when a princess has a child, it has a rosebud mouth and sunny blue eyes. Whereas I have birthed the ugliest baby in all Christendom." ~ Princess Kate"I never heard of a lady nursing her own baby before. I'm sure that's the problem." She leveled a thin finger at Kate. "What that child needs is the milk of a hardy peasant. Yours is probably thin and blue. Though now that I think on it, you're practically a peasant yourself." ~ Princess Sophonisba"In fact, one castle is the same as any other. The lot of them sit around buggering each other, if not the sheep." ~ Princess Sophonisba