Eighth Grade Bites - Heather Brewer Better suited to the 9-12 age group, I think. It was okay. I enjoyed Tomas Tod's (Vlad's father) journal entries the most though I would've liked to have known more about Tomas' life before meeting Vlad's mother. Vlad taking a bite out of Henry, his best friend, when he was eight was funny. I was disappointed he didn't show any human leanings despite his mother being human. I expected there to be something special his human side gave him which would make him the special "one" spoken of in prophecy. I never trusted Otis. Tomas mentions an "old friend" who couldn't be trusted and I believe Otis to be that person. Either he lied or there's a continuity error: Otis claims to be Tomas's younger brother by about a century which would make Otis half vamp (or their dad was still having sex in his hundreds) though he tells Vlad he's special because he's the only halfling.The author tips her hat to Edgar Allan Poe and Christopher Moore.There was also that-was-too-easy ending which made me cringe. Not for me.