First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson 1) - Darynda Jones Charley Davidson a.k.a. Dutch is Stephanie Plum's irritating cousin. She spits out jokes as if her life depends on it. First Grave on the Right is Arabian Nights with wisecracks instead of stories. Only I'd kill her before the end of the first night. Unless you're at a comedy gig jokes are like perfume; to be applied here and there. Too much is overpowering and ruins the effect. Less is most definitely more.This isn't what I was expecting. As some have all ready mentioned, it's paranormal chick-lit. For me, it was a forgettable throwaway. In theory, I should've enjoyed the concept of a grim reaper helping the dead deal with their unfinished business and serve as their means of crossing over, this part I liked but the rest, I didn't. Charley isn't people-friendly although she has her reasons, she can be sympathetic but also quite offensive.One section of the book I loved: the part devoid of humour. When Charley remembers her traumatising reaper experience as a 5-year-old and reflects on the negative effect she thinks she has on the lives around her. That was when we finally got to see the real person underneath the defense mechanisms, and I liked her. It's a shame we didn't see more of this person. I did my best to forgive her rudeness and her sometimes mean words but they still bugged me. I wouldn't want to meet her, I certainly wouldn't want to be her friend. On the other hand, with the dead she can be generous and kind. She has confidence as the grim reaper and her ability to help the deceased find peace.As for the case she was working on -human trafficking of teenage boys, smuggling them outside of the US? I admittedly know very little about this topic but I would assume the opposite was more likely: smuggling them into the US. The romance aspect of the story grated on my nerves a bit. First we meet Garrett (who could also be mistaken for Ranger, one of Stephanie Plum's love interests) an attractive skip-tracer. He makes a concerted effort to get to know the real Charley and her reaper abilities and attempts to ask her out on a date but she's nothing but argumentative and rude to him. He was pretty damn polite and unassuming around her considering her behaviour. And then there's Reyes, the not-quite-normal and mysterious ghost Charley has lots of anonymous and incorporeal sex with. Very strange. He doesn't speak for most of the book and when he does, there are very few words. Although what he eventually reveals about himself is interesting I'm still left looking at Garrett and wondering why Charley hasn't considered him boyfriend material. Charley's obsession with Reyes was a little much. I'm also uncertain as to what Reyes' motives are. He's uber-protective of Charley, incapacitating any and all of her attackers (there have been many), but is he just there to prevent her from being used by...others? I don't trust him at all.With my difficulty in liking the main character I'm not sure I'll be continuing with this series.