DEAD[ish] - Naomi Kramer A quirky and humorous story that although may seem stupid to some, I found quite entertaining. The language, especially Mike's, had me thinking this was a short story set in Britain but was confused by the use of the $ sign. It's Australian.Linda's methods of revenge as a ghost on her still living ex, whom she suspects killed her and has hidden her body, are ingenious and hilariously funny though as a person she's incredibly annoying, at least from Trent's, the paranormal private investigator she's hired to find her body, perspective.*Warning: foul language and if you're squeamish there is cannibalism .Favourite QuotesFrom Mike (Linda's ex) POV#1'My hair's blue, and my eyebrows are green, and my skin's orange. I look like a smurf, a munchkin and an oompa loompa had an orgy and I was their love-child. Shit.'#2'Cops.Fuck.They're looking shocked, which scares me a little.I look down. Fly's unbuttoned, for a start. My dick's waving hello in the breeze."God, sorry!" I say, putting him away and straightening myself up. "Rough night. Um...can I help you?"One of them tears his eyes away from my pants and looks at my face, trying not to look fascinated by the fact that I'm still bright orange, I guess. My fingernails are still pink, so I must look like a freakshow even with my clothes in order.'*snickers*