Inside Out (Insider, #1) - Maria V. Snyder As a lover of Snyder's Study series I thought I'd instantly take to this one with the same kind of enthusiasm, and although I didn't that's not to say that I didn't like it. It's not a wholly original story which it needs to be to really stand out amongst the flooded dystopian genre but it has the standard brave and rebellious protagonist who becomes a symbol of hope for both her fellow Scrubs and the Uppers, who risks her life as well as others' to achieve an almost unattainable goal. She experiences love, loss, pain and joy along the way. I will add here that there is violence -torture though it's not described in too much detail.There were some truly dull parts which I skimmed and skipped. I grew tired of the way in which time was recorded and eventually gave up on trying to figure how old everyone was and how much time had passed. However, the thing that kept me reading were Riley's stuffed toy family (I know that sounds weird but you'll understand once you've read it) and how they were referred to in the rest of the book. It added some much needed warmth and light relief to a serious and sometimes boring book. Outside In is the next book and my curiosity will no doubt have me seeking it out upon its release.