Hunters & Prey (Immortalis, #2) - Katie Salidas Whilst definitely better than the first book, Alyssa's actions are the main reason for my low rating.Alyssa is incredibly selfish and stubborn, believing she is right and the 2000 year old vampires are always wrong. She doesn't listen, she doesn't care about her own safety until her life's flashing before her eyes. She involves others, namely her best friend Fallon from her former, human life despite knowing there would be serious consequences from being warned enough times to never reveal who she is to any human or show herself to anyone from her human life. Alyssa deserved a severe punishment for her reckless disregard for the rules but when it came down to meting it out Lysander backed down. I couldn't believe it! Alyssa's begging and whining reminded me of a two-year-old child who didn't know when to let it go all ready. Despite her behaviour, in the end she was rewarded for the trouble she'd caused and the danger she'd put everyone in. Fallon should've run from Alyssa and the others after everything they'd put her through. I couldn't understand why she'd stayed. There doesn't seem to be much between Fallon and Alyssa other than that they say they're friends -we don't know why or how they're so close. I believe it's the same with Lysander and Alyssa. I kept waiting for him to wake up and behead Alyssa. Sex must've addled his brain. She's not worth the pain and suffering she causes. At least she's going to be trained to act like a soldier now, and Nicholas is not the soft touch Lysander is. I hope he beats the selfish, cocky attitude out of her and drums some common sense into her obviously empty head. Again, Santino, the villain of the piece, was the character I liked the most. If only he'd killed Alyssa at the beginning when he had the chance. Unable to think rationally before she acted annoyed the hell out of me and completely ruined my ability to gain any enjoyment from this book.*Although this was a free e-book from the author this did not impact on my rating or review.