Circle of Death  - Keri Arthur Despite a more complex plot and less wooden, more passionate and feisty characters than Circle of Fire and some improvements in the writing, Circle of Death still didn't grab me. I think the problem is a distinct lack of background and history of the Damask Circle and its employees. Only the heroine, the main protagonist, has enough back-story to fully understand where she's coming from. There's very little interaction between the small cast of characters other than with the main couple (who were far more likeable than Jon and Maddie of the previous book) so there was nothing to be intrigued by or excited about. At least Circle of Fire had the violently prejudiced cop brother-in-law. There was no such equivalent here to peak my interest.Even though I didn't like the perhaps unintended sense of isolation (like the these handful of characters were the last people alive on earth) or the lack of depth and detail, I did enjoy Kirby's magic -the ability to manipulate the elements and Doyle's shapeshifting into a panther. The language used isn't as corny and the book itself reads more like a paranormal romance with actual romance in it this time. I'll definitely finish the trilogy but unfortunately it's not a keeper.