Bonds of Justice  - Nalini Singh Okay so this is a Human/Psy pairing but who cares because the political drama in this book was way more interesting! Nikita and Kaleb were the attention grabbers of this book. So many hints about the two of them were dropped you could drive yourself crazy trying to figure them out. Is Kaleb the Ghost? Is Nikita not as bad as we originally thought?Nikita effectively pushed things forward by declaring the need for a council vote on continuing with Silence or breaking it. A big line was drawn and now the council is split. Only Ming has yet to decide which side he's on. Of course, I'm Team Anti-Silence and Anti-Pure Psy. I can't wait to see how things progress. Nalini is making me nuts, not only can I not wait for Hawke's book but now I'm desperate to know more about Nikita, Kaleb and the Arrows as well as how the war between the two sides of the council will develop and what lengths they will go to, to achieve their goals. Bring it on!