Circle of Fire  - Keri Arthur It's not often I award low ratings to books with a shapeshifter as a main character but this was one of Keri Arthur's earliest works and it showed. Circle of Fire had a simple mediocre plot about missing teenagers including the protagonist's nephew, with shaky writing which failed to suck me in and was occasionally painful to read with it's cheesy and clich├ęd lines. The characters appeared all-knowing, a bit of a stretch even with Jon's sharp instincts and the hawk's watchful eyes and Maddie's untrained, and therefore unreliable, psychic abilities. I never truly cared about this couple or felt anything about their "romance" which to be honest wasn't very romantic at all. Jon in particular was difficult to relate to considering his lack of background. We knew very little about him other than him working as a supernatural PI for the Damask Circle. And strangely for an Arthur book there was only one sex scene, which again wasn't the best but not the worst I've read either. Maddie's prejudiced brother-in-law, the character I was most intrigued by, was so sceptical about her abilities it bordered on murderous hatred. His behaviour towards her didn't bode well for his relationship with his similarly talented son. The quick mention of their apparently improving father-son relationship disappointed me. That was something I wanted to "see" for myself rather than have briefly described in the epilogue. I also wished to know whether Steve treated Maddie any differently after saving his son and learning of his talents, and if she would ever tell him the truth of what happened to her deceased husband. The colourful cover is what drew me to this book but unfortunately I didn't enjoy it. I will however try out the next instalment of the Damask Circle trilogy in the hope that the writing improves.