Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez Good lord, that was bad. But I can understand why some like it. The humour, frivolity and flippant nature of the characters towards all things supernatural just wasn't to my taste. Where were the disbelievers, those ignorant of the paranormal or the crazy fist-shaking fanatics hell-bent on ridding the world of evil doers? Everything was designed to be quirky, to draw a laugh or a smile from the reader. From the melodramatic evil Lolita determined to take over the world any way possible, seducing and killing her way to her goal, to declarations that the world's about to end and the requisite tentacled monster. Basically it's a parody of old-style rural horror with a modern twist. The zombie cows and turkeys were new and exciting but in general the humour didn't get many laughs from me. The two months of reading this hasn't been fun. I'm not sure why I forced myself to finish it today but I did it. Hallelujah. If you like or are in the mood for an ultra lite camp and goofy horror in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead (which is much better than this book) or the Scary Movie franchise then you'll probably enjoy this.