Body and Soul (PsyCop, #3) - Jordan Castillo Price It's the first time I haven't been completely satisfied with a Psycop book. Thanksgiving with Jacob's family was a great start, the ghosts of amputated limbs were weirdly fascinating (phantom limb syndrome takes on a very literal meaning) and the "zombies" were interesting too but the action and tension wasn't quite up to par. Vic and Jacob's relationship progress had me melting until Jacob assumed something which led him to make a very desperate and heartbreaking offer. And stupid Vic did nothing! Did he tell the truth to put Jacob's fears to rest? Nope, he kept quiet and refused to accept the implications. I'm not liking Vic so much right now. Idiot.I really hope we see Lisa again in the future despite her "breaking up" with Vic because she felt he was just using her for her si-no ability. Her being held in that facility meant that there was very limited communication between them which basically meant she was only available for emergencies. Not conducive to a healthy friendship. Disconnecting her phone was a little OTT though. Perhaps Vic's paranoia is rubbing off on me but could something suspicious be going on there, Camp Hell-style?Side Note: Despite Many Happy Returns being listed on here as coming before [b:Body & Soul|8666206|Body & Soul (PsyCop)|Jordan Castillo Price||2397353] I'm certain they take place after the events in this book, however I doubt I would've been able to pick out the references to these short stories if I'd read them after instead of before.