Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price Okay, I will admit there was an element of predictability. Oh come on, Roger and his gallons of free coffee -suspicious! And I can't blame Vic for his TSTL behaviour, there were mitigating circumstances. But this didn't diminish my enjoyment. There are a couple of really hilarious moments: rogering Roger and the mini-mental breakdown as a result of Vic's new hypersensitivity to ghosts, who now chase him like he's covered in come-get-me ghost pheromones. I know a mental breakdown is not something to laugh at but the way it was written...the hysterical screaming -it was difficult not to laugh my ass off.Stoic Maurice also gave me an unexpected chuckle as he releases Vic into Jacob's care, I won't say more but once a cop, always a cop. His timing was perfect!It was really sad reading about Vic's unconscious attacks on Jacob and him desperately trying not lose him because of it. But don't worry it all works out in the end when Vic begins to relax into his relationship with Jacob, finally trusting him by taking it to the next level. I was so happy for them both, it made my heart swell in response.