Ghost Town  - Rachel Caine Oh, Myrnin. Myrnin, Myrnin, Myrnin. Excuse my language but you fucked up, dude. I worried for your sanity and for your life. There were times when I loved you and when I hated you. You've caused so much trouble, so much pain and suffering and yet I still care about you. Even on that last page when my jaw dropped after my little fit of worry over what you may have done to yourself.Ghost Town really begins when Claire stakes and kills a vamp whilst trying to rescue Eve and is sentenced to no sleep or rest of any kind until she's fixed the machine that runs Morganville, previously run by Ada. And while she manages it by the skin of her teeth, Myrnin tweaks it for his own purposes which causes both humans and vampires, one by one, to lose their memories of the last 3 years. As a result, all hell breaks loose with the hero in the end being someone you wouldn't expect but it was a redeeming act. Only the last page twists things to the point where I'm not sure whether Myrnin's actions were good (as it may provide much needed closure and no one was killed) or just plain bad but I worry about the effect it will have on a couple of the characters.I know this took me a few days to finish but this is no reflection of the book itself but rather a severe lack of free time. I enjoyed it more than Kiss of Death partly because there was less cringe-worthy kissy-wissy lovey-doveyness between Shane and Claire, instead these kinds of moments were made to be sweet and endearing. In fact, a couple of my favourites are when Shane starts falling for Claire again when he can't remember any of their previous time together and when Claire does the same. I want to quickly comment on the Myrnin-Claire possibility which I've previously noted in earlier reviews. This possibility is noted by several characters in this book plus Myrnin is unusually kind and caring towards Claire and makes comparisons between her and Ada who he admits was his lover. Also, Claire sleeps in his bed! Not that I want this to happen, I love Shane but I just think he might make a move on her at some point in the future.Another thing I loved about this book was the politics, specifically the relationship between Amelie and Oliver and the town. It's complicated but one of the lessons I've learned is never be complacent when you're in a position of power, it leads to humiliating circumstances. And, um, never fall in love with your rival?Also included in my UK edition was a short story called 'Worth Living For' from Shane's perspective set between [b:Fade Out|6670348|Fade Out (The Morganville Vampires, #7)|Rachel Caine||6474295] and Kiss of Death involving Michael and Bishop. The story sees Shane approached and asked to secretly follow Michael when it looks like he may be helping Bishop who has escaped and on the run. It's not a great story and isn't important to the overall story in the main books. And if you were wondering, the title 'Worth Living For' refers to Claire, of course. ;)