Allegra Fairweather (Allegra Fairweather Mystery #1) - Janni Nell This book, with an eye-catching cover, got off to a bumpy start but about halfway through it picked up. Allegra travels to Scotland when a Deddflower or Bleeding Rose, a harbinger of tragedy is found to be growing on the shore of a loch. She's called in to investigate in order to prevent whatever disaster is about to befall the small village. Allegra was likeable but Casper the guardian angel stole the show. He's tortured soul and mystery man all rolled into one plus he's a golden hunk of a warrior trying to atone for his wicked past so he can get into heaven. What's not to love? Which is exactly Allegra's problem. Casper isn't allowed to fornicate. It's forbidden, part of his punishment for his sins against women in life. She has a hard time with this and even tries to spend time with an interested handsome man who also happens to be her employer on this case. The romantic element isn't resolved so perhaps there will be a sequel.The plot wasn't as tight as I would've liked and as a result I lost interest a few times and put the book down a lot to begin with. There was also very little background on Allegra's life both personally and professionally. Casper was actually the most well-rounded character.Overall, this was a light read with some interesting titbits of mythology and a nice little impossible romance.