Enchanted Dreams: Erotic Tales of the Supernatural - Nancy Madore 'Mind-altering drugs were used in the making of this book' -that's the disclaimer that should be printed on the very first page of Enchanted Dreams.***SPOILERS BELOW***The first story Enchanted Forest especially says "psychedelic" because no sane person would use a tree root as a dildo. Or plants. Or flowers. Or let butterflies lick *ahem* down there. I suppose you could say she’s making love to nature. The end gives a possible explanation –is it her afterlife? Her heaven? Not what I was expecting when the title reads 'Tales of the Supernatural'. Far out, man. **peace sign** ---1 star.Disenchantment - Cannibalism. Not Sexy. And I never want to meet anyone who thinks it is. Ever watched that Preying Mantis episode of Buffy? Well, this was that but with an added discussion on why relationships are so dysfunctional and the gender dynamics and behaviours at work which was interesting. I enjoyed it right up until the eating of human flesh. ---4 stars.Dying For It -One of the more “normal” stories with a voyeuristic terminally ill human stalking the predatory vampire. Her teeth though, I could never imagine doing that to myself, I consider it self-mutilation. ---3 stars.Expecting -Aliens, abortion and mental illness. Kind of depressing but maybe because I choose to believe it wasn’t real, it was all in her mind. It was too weird and she was too paranoid for me to think otherwise. ---1 star.Flowers For Angela -Creeped. Me. Out. I’d rather keep my free will than let myself be brainwashed and turned into a slave by my husband and psychotherapist. The violation of trust is staggering. Also, the eating of dog food was nauseating. Overall, just plain disturbing. ---2 starsJimmy -I really thought she’d run off with Jimmy the incubus at first but he wasn’t very considerate, which is exactly what I accused Ray of being. I was wrong. He was amazing once she confided in him. ---2 starsThe Incentive Program -Wow, after multiple WTF weird moments reading this book I never expected to find such a gem at the end. I’m with Georgia, get me into the future so I can join this programme just like Cassie did and meet my very own Craig, Steve and Peter. I LOL'd when Peter started reading Madore’s first Enchanted book to Cassie. I loved the Beauty and the Beast story he read. So sweet. ---5 stars.For erotica I didn’t find it terribly erotic. Many times I felt like a child pointing and laughing at the strange goings on in this book. Even when I was beginning to enjoy it, I had to pull myself back after a few stories when I learned that liking a character could mean their death or being turned into the villain of the piece. I’ll admit the canabalism threw me. At that point I checked this book was actually listed as erotica because it made me think more of horror = erotic horror.The main theme running through the stories other than the supernatural (or in this case crazy drugged-out hallucinogenic tales) was domination, control and the issue of consent. The predator and the prey. The dominant and the submissive. The victim and the villain. It wasn't always clear which characters were in which roles. And it didn't matter whether they were male or female. The aggressor could be either. I'm always very aware of gender roles when I read Madore's books (she comes across as a feminist but not bra-burning, man-hating one) and I find her ideas on them intriguing so even though I don't always rate her highly I'm always interested in her work.