Beneath a Darkening Moon (Ripple Creek Werewolf, # 2) - Keri Arthur I don't usually read paranormal romance series books back-to-back, they really have to have that extra something to make me want more and although I enjoyed the first book immensely, I didn't like this one quite as much.I'm not a big fan of the reunited lovers storyline, it always makes me sad that they lost so much time together, in this case because of misunderstandings. I also didn't love Savannah as much as her twin sister Neva, in the first book. She was hard and tough and difficult to relate to though I liked her more when we find out about her past with Cade and when she comes alive with him in the present. I loved Ronan. I felt sorry for him but he really cared for Savannah and knew what she needed and gave it to her even when it meant losing her. So sweet.The plot was good, the mystery kept you guessing as to who was behind the murders and why they were being committed in order to bring Vannah and Cade back together.One thing that did get a little on my nerves was the editing. Mostly it was just Savannah's name. I don't know how it was supposed be spelt because it was always spelt differently. With the "h" and without. On a couple of occasions the entire name was wrong, it was someone else's.Anyway, I still enjoyed this book. It appears there are only two in this series making it a duology -a rare thing these days but it was well-worth reading.