Enchanting the Lady - Kathryne Kennedy An average but enjoyable historical paranormal romance where your level of magic is tied to your title and any accompanying lands. If you're heirs are weaker than you, they're demoted upon the outcome of the "testing" when someone is about to inherit but if there's no more magic left in your bloodline, say goodbye to your wealth and hello to destitution. This is what happens to poor naive Felicity after her parents die, leaving her with her less than understanding aunt, uncle and cousin. However, if you happen to be a shapeshifter of any kind, you're at the bottom of the social ladder despite being held in high esteem by the royal family, probably due to that pesky little fact: shapeshifters are immune to magic. People hate what they fear, and they fear these uncontrollable "beasts". Feeling powerless against these weres has led them to being treated as outcasts, the lowest of the low. Baronet Terrence Blackwell is the most honoured shifter in England being the Prince's top spy and relic hunter yet he is outwardly mocked despite his fierce shifter shape as a lion, which manages to scare most into submission. When he smells relic magic on Felicity during her disastrous testing he assumes she can lead him to one of these mythical relics, which in the wrong hands can do serious damage like that done to his now dead brother. He'll do anything to find that relic. Anything. Even marry a desperate but seemingly innocent woman. But is he really courting her just to find the relic or are his beastly desires to mate with this woman commanding his actions. And is she really so innocent?