Cast in Chaos - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West I was a bit shocked at the thickness of this book, I had hopes it was going to be a wildly interesting ride. Sadly I was almost as disappointed with this one as I was the last. Mostly, it was just too long, repetitive with some utterly useless paragraphs. I was tempted to get a red pen out and start crossing out the unnecessary parts. I especially grew tired of Kaylin repeating what she'd done or learned to everyone she encountered sometimes in greater detail than was needed.However, there were a few things that peeked my interest which saved this from a two star rating. The blatant introduction to possible romance. So far in this series there's been none whatsoever. Kaylin's had a hard life and has showed no interest in love, sex or having her own children despite how much she loves them. We all knew Nightshade was interested in her but she's always remained reluctant. He finally makes a move and she reacts badly. When Severn makes hints about his feelings, I'm relieved as I've been waiting for this for a while now, and when he explains his reasons for loving Kaylin and she acknowledges this it gave me hope. At the same time I grew worried that the status quo would remain in place despite their love for one another. I'm not sure Kaylin can handle it which is why Severn has said nothing for so long.Parts of the plot were of interest to me, especially the origins of humans and the new race of people who've found their home within Tiamaris's fief. I look forward to reading about their progress and how the other races react to their presence/existence. I am surprised Sagara hasn't done a book on the Aerians yet and that Kaylin hasn't got much closer to meeting the Dragon Emperor. I know that she desperately needs to learn self-preservation around those that can devour her but I hardly think etiquette lessons with a stuffy dragon will help matters. Besides she does pretty well with the Arkon and he's no picnic either. I really hope Cast in Ruins makes for a better read.