Go Fetch! - Shelly Laurenston An absolutely brilliant sequel to Pack Challenge. It's intelligent, funny (my ribs are sore from laughing so hard) and incredibly sweet without being overly so. Miki is shockingly honest with no filter between her brain and her mouth but she's ball-bustingly tough (scary tough) and Mensa-smart so she's great to have in an impossible situation. Her geek friends are also scary, they may be wimpy in appearance but they sure can ruin your life if you get on their bad side. You gotta love 'em for their bravery in threatening Connall to take good care of Miki.Connall was amazing, he didn't take Miki's comments too much to heart, he played her games and accepted all of her unwitting challenges. He pursued her with kind of determination you have to respect, only a brave man like him had the balls (and the willingness to lose them) to take on Miki. Whereas Miki is all work, Connall is all play so they made a wonderful match.There are so many ROTFL moments that this is most definitely a keeper to read on dark days to cheer me up.