Cast in Fury - Michelle Sagara This is the fourth book in the series and takes place almost immediately after the last book, Cast in Secret. Each book seems to have a theme. The first, Cast in Shadow was about the life and struggles of the main character Kaylin Neya and her relationship with Severn, her sort-of adopted older brother. The second, Cast in Courtlight examines the Barrani race and their customs. The third, Cast in Secret examines the Tha'alani race and their history. This book examines the Leontine race, where we get to meet Marcus's pridlea (his family) and we gain more insight into Marrin's life before she founded the Foundling Hall (an orphanage). Again this story is based around Kaylin's love of children and the fact that she will do anything to protect them but this doesn't take anything away from the story. There wasn't a lot of character growth in this one (but then we've had quite a lot in the other books) other than Kaylin finally being able to keep her mouth shut, stopping herself from getting into (most likely, more) trouble. Through the markings on her body Kaylin seems to be tied to the Old Ones who created the races and is thereby connected to the races themselves. It looks like the author maybe looking to set Severn up as an 'appropriate' love interest for Kaylin despite the brotherly relationship she has with him, on the otherhand Nightshade seems very interested but Kaylin does her best to ignore it which is probably for the best. Overall this was another interesting read with a lovely ending. The world, races and characters that the author has created are so detailed and intricately woven together with natural character growth and plot progression, make this series seem so realistic. I hope we get to read more about the Dragons next and maybe even meet the Dragon Emperor himself.