Are Introverts Wrongly Labelled with Asperger's?

While reading the “Daily Fail” to my ill mother, I came across this slightly disturbing article.


Darryl Hannah, actress with Asperger'sAs an introvert  I intensely despise small talk, but I’m not autistic and I do not have Asperger syndrome, unlike actress Darryl Hannah (right). The “Daily Fail” has a rep for misrepresenting facts and blowing situations out of proportion, but I couldn’t help but question if introverts and those that can’t handle small talk are really being labelled with disorders, either officially or by self-diagnosis.


Yes, we’re usually the outsiders in any general group of people but we’re not living in Salem in the 1600s. There are no witches here. Nor am I possessed by a demon. Why must we label the unusual? ‘Variety is the spice of life,’ or so the saying goes. Everyone has their idiosyncrisies that set them apart.


As Good As It Gets (1997)OCD is an acronym rarely used or understood before As Good As It Gets in 1997 and has since become so popular that now everyone has “a touch of OCD” – we’ve all said it, even I’m guilty of it. At the moment, countless TV shows abound about hoarding, cleaning, extreme couponing, etc. Most seem light-hearted, or exploitative with an unsettling freak show vibe, with few deserving the title ‘documentary’. Either way it belittles a serious illness that affects the ability to have a “normal” life that many take for granted.


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